The Final baby

Many times we think that the only time to celebrate your pregnancy is when it's your first one. But that is definitely not true, and I'm so glad that Shiya, didn't think that either. This beauty came in with her husband and said she has done a session for every pregnancy, this shouldn't be any different. When I tell you, she's not only gorgeous on the outside, she has beautiful spirit on the inside as well.

Amazing support system

So what put the icing on the cake for me is that she came with her own cheering squad, LOL. I mean her husband was the only one there physically, but her mom and older children were on Facetime cheering her on. I loved every part of it, because not all moms get the chance to have that type of support. It's hard enough being pregnant sometimes, when you don't feel beautiful, let alone feel like getting dressed. But, to have this type of love surrounding you, she glowed the entire session.

Booking Your Session

So you want to celebrate your pregnancy? Whether it's your first or last baby, your pregnancy deserves to be celebrated. Imagine how your child will feel being able to see what you looked like when you carried them. I know maternity sessions weren't a thing when my mom had me, but I sure wonder what she looked like. LOL, she might not agree though. You can contact me as early as 20 weeks, to start discussing what you want from a session. My client closet is ever growing and so is my imagination.