Your experience begins the moment we speak.

I connect with families much the same as I would if it were my own family: deeply interested, observant, curious and gently interested in uncovering what makes you you. I'll ask you kinds of interesting and personal questions, that will begin to get my creative eye to see all the possibilities....

I listen, question, observe. I tend to try to see things even if you don't tell me. I love to find the beauty in everything, from the swelling of your belly to the birth of your beautiful bundle of joy.

Before the session

The first thing we discover is, what would you love to see, and what would you love to feel more of?

  • Is it hard for you to believe when people tell you your rapidly growing pregnant body is gorgeous, and you are absolutely stunning? (hint: they're not lying) What if you could appreciate and celebrate yourself in a way you never have before?
  • Do you need to feel cared for and seen in a way you can't even express?
  • Do you have a theme for your baby's nursery that you would like shown in your artwork that will make a beautiful addition?
  • Is there a family heirloom that you would like to use in your baby's photos?
  • How would you like your hair and makeup to look for your maternity session? This is just one of the perks of booking your session with us.

Because everyone's needs are different, no session is like any other.

Your experience will be deeply personal and one of a kind. Because I make sure to discover what matters most to you, your portraits will give you exactly what you need most.

You'll get guidance, insight and useful tips -anything you and your family might need to feel at ease and excited to be photographed.

And when you see the finished product, you will love what you see.

creating your art pieces.

After your portrait session, we'll schedule your private ordering session at the studio.

Together, we'll look at which images really pull at your heart strings so much, you just have to see them everyday.

We'll talk about which walls will come alive with your portraits, so when you walk into a room, you feel it hugging you back.

The cost.

The portrait session fee for newborns and maternity is $100 and reserves the time for your session. Prints and artwork are purchased separately.

The final cost really depends on what makes your heart sing... Perhaps it's a lovely collection of custom crafted fine art pieces, an heirloom book, gifts for the family, or all of the above.

Collection pricing begins at $350, but you also have the option to design your own collection. No one knows what they'll fall in love with until they see the beauty that comes from the session, so it's best to let your experience be open-ended.

Rest assured you'll come away with the end result that's perfect just for you. Not too much, not too little, just the perfect collection of loveliness.

Let's begin.

In order to have a genuine and personal experience, every person gets the time and care they need. This begins with our pre-session meeting, where I discover the essence of who you are.

Then, we'll schedule the date of your portrait session, and two weeks later we'll get together to choose your artwork.